Moon of the Turning Leaves

Moon of the Turning Leaves

Publisher: William Morrow (US)
Publication Date: February 27, 2024
ISBN: 9780358673255

“An epic journey into the future, powerfully haunting.”

Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Bestselling author, Mexican Gothic

“Waubgeshig Rice’s stories are good medicine. Moon of the Turning Leaves is a restorative balm for my spirit.”
Angeline Boulley

New York Times bestselling author, Firekeeper's Daughter and Warrior Girl Unearthed

“Tense, atmospheric, and ultimately hopeful. Rice masterfully delivers an unsettling, page-turning sequel.”
Eden Robinson

Bestselling author, Son of a Trickster and Monkey Beach

“The humanity and heart on offer here make this a showstopper.”

Twelve years after the power went out worldwide (in 2018’s Moon of the Crusted Snow), the Anishinaabe people of Shki-dnakiiwin (“New village”) discover problems with their homestead in Rice’s equally harrowing and hopeful sequel.

Hoping to return to their ancestral home on the northern shore of Lake Huron, a party of six sets out to test whether it would be possible for the community to emigrate safely southward.

Led by Evan Whitesky, the village founder, they follow in the footsteps of a similar mission, the members of which mysteriously went missing four years prior.

Better armed and more cautious than their predecessors, the group navigates abandoned urban landscapes and a barren countryside hosting both friendly and hostile parties.

Rice puts a refreshing, Indigenous perspective on postapocalyptic tropes, folding in both nostalgia for a world fading away (“I haven’t had a pizza in thirteen years. That’s the first thing on my list!” muses one member of the scouting party) and hope for a different future from a people who have survived similar harsh conditions in the past.

The humanity and heart on offer here make this a showstopper.

Publishers Weekly

January 2024

Twelve years after the lights go out . . .
An epic journey to a forgotten homeland
The hotly anticipated sequel to the bestselling novel Moon of the Crusted Snow

It’s been over a decade since a mysterious cataclysm caused a permanent blackout that toppled infrastructure and thrust the world into anarchy. Evan Whitesky led his community in remote northern Ontario off the rez and into the bush, where they’ve been living off the land, rekindling their Anishinaabe traditions in total isolation from the outside world.

As new generations are born, and others come of age in the world after everything, Evan’s people are in some ways stronger than ever. But resources in and around their new settlement are beginning to dry up, and the elders warn that they cannot afford to stay indefinitely.

Evan and his fifteen-year-old daughter, Nangohns, are elected to lead a small scouting party on a months-long trip to their traditional home on the north shore of Lake Huron—to seek new beginnings, and discover what kind of life—and what dangers—still exist in the lands to the south.

Moon of the Turning Leaves is Waubgeshig Rice’s exhilarating return to the world first explored in the phenomenal breakout bestseller Moon of the Crusted Snow: a brooding story of survival, resilience, Indigenous identity, and rebirth.

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