Midnight Sweatlodge

Midnight Sweatlodge

Publisher: Theytus Books
Publication Date: June 2011
ISBN: 9781926886145

Midnight Sweatlodge tells the tale of family members, friends and strangers who gather together to partake in this ancient healing ceremony.

Each person seeks wisdom and insight to overcome their pain and hardship.

Through their stories we get glimpses into their lives that are both tearful and true.

Capturing the raw emotion and unique challenges of modern Indigenous life, this book offers an unflinchingly realistic and genuine look at the struggles First Nations people face.

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Jordan taught me about that authentic, unapologetic voice. He encouraged me to be proudly Anishinaabe in my prose, and to not scrub or sanitize the essence of my identity as storyteller. As a result, I was able to hone my narrative voice, and the lessons he taught me through that process continue to emerge in the fiction that I write today. He showed me how to bring Indigenous people together through prose by speaking my truth.”

From In Praise of Editors, Open Book