About Waub

Waubgeshig Rice is an author and journalist from Wasauksing First Nation.

He’s written four books, most notably the bestselling novel Moon of the Crusted Snow, published in 2018.

He graduated from the journalism program at Toronto Metropolitan University in 2002, and spent most of his journalism career with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a video journalist and radio host.

He left CBC in 2020 to focus on his literary career.

His forthcoming novel, Moon of the Turning Leaves, will be published in October 2023.

In addition to his writing endeavours, Waubgeshig is an eclectic public speaker, delivering keynote addresses and workshops, engaging in interviews, and contributing to various panels at literary festivals and conferences.

He speaks on creative writing and oral storytelling, contemporary Anishinaabe culture and matters, Indigenous representation in arts and media, and more.

He lives in Sudbury, Ontario with his wife and three sons.



Waub in the woods

Waub is represented by The Bukowski Agency. For any publication-related queries please email them directly.

For appearances in Canada and the U.S., visit Authors Unbound.

For American queries regarding Moon of the Turning Leaves, contact Hannah Dirgins at William Morrow.


Waub in the woods

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“No matter what happens in your pursuit of a career in journalism, you’ll always have your community. That includes your home people and your circle of fellow Indigenous journalists. We’ll have your back, as those who came before us had ours. We may all come from different Indigenous nations and cultures on this land, but many of us share the essential responsibility of maintaining good relationships with one another and telling Indigenous stories properly and responsibly. That’s what kept me going for eighteen years.”

From Letter to a Young Indigenous Journalist, The Walrus